Touch Free EMV

Whether you integrate to Tenerum or Tenerum integrates to your system, our Touch Free solutions allows you to implement EMV devices simply by placing the device next to your POS or PMS workstation.

The Touch Free EMV device is controlled by, and directly connects to, the Tenerum Gateway. The payment data from the EMV device is matched with the transaction data sent from the POS/PMS system, completing the payment request. This completely integrated solution removes all sensitive card data from the POS/PMS environment all together.

Once the transaction has been processed, the Tenerum Gateway responds to the POS/PMS with PCI compliant information about the tender type, an authorization code and a token for future adjustments. The POS/PMS and the merchant have complete control over the transaction, while the Tenerum Gateway acts as the link between the POS/PMS and the EMV device.

How Touch Free EMV Works?


  • No direct integration to the EMV device necessary
  • No touch-point to the device from the POS/PMS
  • No Third-Party, middleware software needed
  • Payment data never touches the POS/PMS
  • POS/PMS does not undergo heavy EMV certification
  • Process EMV (contact and contactless) or Swipe transactions including PIN Debit, Gift Card and Private Label Cards
  • Transaction responses are tokenized for future adjustments and the creation of new transactions
  • No data stored in EMV device, all sensitive data securely stored at Tenerum Gateway
  • All transactions are encrypted from point of entry to Tenerum Gateway using P2PE

Download the Touch Free EMV Brochure for Details  OPEN