It is our goal to make integrating to the Tenerum Gateway as simple as possible.  Tenerum offers two different approaches for integrating to our gateway.

We integrate to your system

At Tenerum we understand development projects take time and resources that are better focused on the core of your business. That is why we are willing to spend our time integrating to your system.

Our team of experienced payment professionals will analyze your native payment message set and build a front end message handler that will seamlessly allow your systems to process to our gateway.

You Integrate to Tenerum Gateway

Your POS, PMS, Web Site or CRM system may be new and you are looking to build a payment subsystem. Tenerum is here to help guide you on that process. Our integration team will provide your developers with the necessary API specifications along with support services to guide them through the entire integration process and gateway certification.

Our API is an XML based message set.