Gateway Features

The Tenerum Payment Gateway is a full-featured solution that provides merchants and VAR’s integrated connectivity to every payment processor though a single message interface. Our gateway was built, and operates, on the following principles:

  • Security – Protect the merchant and their customers by ensuring all sensitive cardholder data is securely handled from how we store the data to the solutions that we provide.
  • Reliability – Using the most advanced technology and design methodology our gateway is highly reliable and available when you need it. Our host has multiple levels of redundancy and data replication across geographically diverse data centers.
  • Easy to Use, Easy to work with – From integration to transaction processing and back office functions, the Tenerum Gateway was designed for ease of use and ease of implementation.
  • Innovative – Tenerum has created business and payment solutions that are relevant and useful to merchants and system developers.

Designed for merchants of any size, the Tenerum Payment Gateway is the perfect solution to connect POS, PMS, CRM and eCommerce systems to any payment processor.  Whether it is a single location or multiple locations spread across a large area, the Tenerum Payment Gateway can aggregate those systems into a centralized processing environment saving operational overhead.

The Tenerum Payment Gateway Features:

  • Aggregation of disparate systems throughout an enterprise
  • All sensitive cardholder data is safely stored outside of a merchants enterprise at the Tenerum Gateway
  • Authorization and Capture of all payment types including
    • Credit cards
    • PIN Debit
    • Gift Cards
    • Loyalty
    • Check / e-Check
    • Private Label, Store Branded
  • Enterprise level Tokenization
  • Point-to-Point Encryption (P2PE)
  • POS de-scoping devices
  • Browser-based system de-scoping
  • High speed, fast transaction processing times
  • Statistical dashboard
  • Hierarchal view of enterprise with break down to all levels
  • Flexible Reporting at any level within the hierarchy
  • Data extracts
  • Transaction Management tools
  • Virtual Terminal

The Tenerum Payment Gateway is designed to provide system developers with a single source of integration and access to any processor . . . EASILY!  Our solutions are designed to make your systems more compatible with the banking needs of your merchants while reducing or completely removing the heavy effort of PCI compliance with our security solutions.

Developer Features

  • Multiple integration options
    • You integrate to our API
    • We integrate to your native message format
  • Tokenization removing the need to store sensitive payment card data
  • Point-to-Point Encryption
  • POS de-descoping devices relieve all payment card data from touching your system
  • Browser-based system de-scoping solution relieves all payment card data from touching your system
  • White Labeling Options
  • Reselling and Revenue Sharing programs available