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PCI Scope Reduction

Tenerum’s cloud-based solution is enhanced to manage all card information securely from the device direct to the Tenerum Gateway through advanced Point-to-Point Encryption (P2PE) and Enterprise Tokenization. This solution relieves the merchants system from handling and storing sensitive payment card data.

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Simplified EMV Readiness

Implement an integrated EMV solution by simply placing the device next to the POS or PMS workstation. The device is completely controlled by the Tenerum Gateway with no direct touch points from the POS or PMS to the device. The gateway matches the transaction data from the POS or PMS with the payment data from the device to create a complete transaction.

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Why Tenerum?

The team at Tenerum has spent over 30-years developing innovative payment solutions for Hotels, Restaurants, Retail establishments and Direct Marketing companies. Not every business operates the same, so Tenerum has developed tailor made payment solutions for each market segment.

Tenerum understands VAR’s and Merchants are busy running their respective business. That is why Tenerum has created solutions that require minimal effort to integrate the Tenerum Gateway into your business.

The Tenerum Gateway was built from the ground up employing up-to-date security technologies where as other solutions have bolted on security tools to get them by. Every facet of the Tenerum Gateway was designed around security and the safeguarding of data. The Tenerum Gateway is PCI-DSS Compliant.


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